RG Veda is finished we move onto Man of Many Faces

I thank everyone deeply for following/liking/reblogging and making this blog a soaring success even when we’ve only done RG Veda. 
I personally I believe I was able to get every character I could in the series save for a few. 

And Yasha’s father. Sadly there aren’t just enough scenes to get everyone a place. And I won’t change the layout I have for one character who couldn’t be in it enough. They weren’t forgotten and I’m sorry if you were looking forward to them. It just wasn’t something I could manage. 

However, this will not be the last we see of Ashura and Yasha. They make an appearance in TRC and will get another post but that day is some time away. 

For those that followed simply for RG Veda, no hard feelings if you roll away from us. I’d hate to clutter your dash with characters you have no interest in. 
If you feel I missed a character at any point. If you feel the names are misspelled. If you feel a translation for a quote is bad. Please let me know and we can talk. I can only do what my translations give me. But I am happy to fix any mistakes you might catch.   

For everyone else I ask for your patience as I get things ready for Man of Many Faces. I need to change the blog up a bit and start laying down some foundations. So you’ll see pointless text posts about nothing that will help me easily link things up as I go through the series. 

But before I even do that I must finish working on the RG Veda part on the wiki, which is linked up and some of you have already followed! While I deeply appreciate such a thing there will be a great deal of clutter, more so than this blog, as I slowly work through that. You are of course free to follow, I don’t discourage that by any means just know it’s probably a lot of spam until it’s complete. 

Thanks to my top fans! Thanks for making Kujaku the most popular post. You were all crazy about getting him and I hope to see you all around for Man of Many Faces.
Simply, thank you everyone! 

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Clamp Characters - RG Veda - 034- 

★ - Ashura - I’ll be fine, I promised that I’d believe in Yasha. That I’d live for him!

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RG Veda

Clamp Characters - RG Veda - 033- 

★ -Yasha-ou - Even so, you will live on. I need you because you have promised me. I only live if you are there. Let’s stay together forever. Until the ends of our days. That is our promise.

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RG Veda

Clamp Characters - RG Veda - 032- 

★ -Zōchōten - What a beautiful sky! It’s so beautiful that even the birds have stayed in their nests not wanting to disrupt the scene. Karura-ou was called the Sky Queen. Such a fine clear day is appropriate for her funeral, don’t you think? 

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RG Veda

skyflyinginaction whispered,

whos Tamara -

Tamara is the daughter of Koumokuten who is the general of the West. She sings with Kendappa a few times and has a very huge crush on Tenou and does all she can to gain the prince’s attention. 

While nothing becomes of her at the end of the story she is severely put in her place after the death of her father and the reveal of Kendappa’s true colors.  image Here is a picture of the two of them together. 

If this is an issue of her name being misspelled or a poor translation of her name and that’s why you don’t recognize her please let me know. I can only put her name down as what my translations have. Unless it’s just human error on my part. Maybe I forgot an M and still have not realized that. I can’t fix my errors unless I know of them. 

But I do hope this clears things up!  

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Clamp Characters - RG Veda - 031- 

★ -Tenou - But we will not forget. People who are bound to a harsh fate. We will definitely not forget them. 

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RG Veda

Clamp Characters - RG Veda - 030- 

★ -Tamara - Who does this simple musician think she is talking back to me? I am the daughter of  the General of the West, Koumokuten! I don’t have to put up with this!

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RG Veda

Clamp Characters - RG Veda - 029- 

★ -Sonseiō - Let us die together. We are both unwanted, you and me. We shouldn’t have been brought into this world.  

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RG Veda

Clamp Characters - RG Veda - 028- 

★ -Hakuryuu - Now that you have the Dragon Fang sword you are the King of Dragons. All I can do is obey my King’s orders. Farewell, I shall support you in whatever decision you make, my Lord.

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RG veda

Clamp Characters - RG Veda - 027- 

★ -Seiryuu - We don’t practice with you because we don’t need to anymore. You’ve gotten stronger and now you’re strong enough to be King of the Dragon Tribe, the Guardian Warriors of the Westlands.  

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RG Veda